FilmBros AS is a Norwegian based film production company. Our main focus is on producing short and feature films that combine singular and audacious visions with a commercial appeal. We have ambitions of moving beyond national borders, and reach an international audience with our productions.


Henrik Martin Dahlsbakken (screenwriter, film director and producer) is the CEO of FilmBros. He completed his debut feature, Returning Home (Å vende tilbake), at the age of 25, while his brother Oskar Dahlsbakken served as the film’s cinematographer at only 22. The film was short listed by the Norwegian Oscar Committee alongside two other releases as candidates for Norway’s Academy Awards submission in 2015 and won the main award during Nordic Film Days in Lübeck the same year. In addition to this, FilmBros recently released the sophisticated thriller, Late Summer (Sensommer) to critical acclaim, and the extreme sport thriller CAVE will have its World Premiere as the closing night film of Haugesund FIlm Festival, prior to its domestic cinema release 2nd of September.

FilmBros Europe AS is a production company established in cooperation with the UK-based production company Elation Pictures ltd, as a part of FilmBros ambition to be a natural home for bold and entertaining European storytelling. The new company will be lead by BAFTA nominated producer Kamilla Kristiane Hodøl. FilmBros Europe will produce a slate of projects consisting of an eclectic mix of genres and scale with established filmmakers. This slate includes the Icelandic set horror, The Damned, written by Jamie Hannigan (Pilgrimage) and directed by Nordic Talents Winner Thordur Palsson, which is one of 7 Nordic Genre Boost projects which will be pitched at the Nordic Film Market at The Norwegian Film Festival in Haugesund.

Henrik M. Dahlsbakken

CEO, Producer, Writer & Diretor

0047 906 10 684

Åsmund Kjos Fjell

Chairman & Executive producer

0047 901 30 298

Oskar Dahlsbakken

Director of Photography

0047 908 12 706

Kristian Magnus Svor

Vice Chairman & Executive producer

0047 917 48 891

Kristian Skar Frøysaa

Executive producer

0047 416 98 469

Kamilla Kristiane Hodøl

Managing Director & Producer

0044 75964 65605 / 0047 455 14 420